The ECIR '19 Tutorial on PLS-SEM

Workshop Schedule

This tutorial is a full-day tutorial. The following schedule is preliminary in nature. We plan to adjust the schedule to the learning pace of participants throughout the tutorial.

time agenda
09:00-09:30am Intro, aims, scope, usefulness
09:30-10:30 A Primer in Regression
11:00-11:30Measurement Models (incl. hypotheses about mediation and moderation), graphical representation, covariance vs. variance based estimation
11:30-12:00 Hands-On: Graphical representations (by hand)
12:00-12:30PLS-Algorithm at a glance
13:30-15:30Hand-On: Estimation and Interpretation (defining the model, estimating it, interpreting its results)
15:30-16:30Recent developments

Things you need to bring along

You will need to bring along your own laptop computer (or similar mobile device) running GNU R and your preferred IDE for writing R scripts on it.

A list of packages you should have installed prior to the tutorial will be posted here by April 8th, 2019.