The ECIR '19 Tutorial on PLS-SEM

This full-day tutorial introduces participants to Structural Equation Models (SEMs) and their estimation using Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS Path Modeling). Structural Equation Models are a statistical technique to simultaneously assess the relationships between unobserved factors (i.e. latent variables) and the way these factors are measured based on observable variables. This is useful, for example, for researchers in our community interested in learning about how different factors influence human information behavior and as a means to validate and optimize measurement instruments for subjective concepts important in IIR, such as engagement, satisfaction, trust etc.

The tutorial is introductory in nature. Audience members need only have basic statistical knowledges. Familiarity with GNU R is essential, as participants will be required to run their analyses using this software on their own computers.

Topics covered

Topics covered in this tutorial include:

Literature to give you a start

Melucci, Massimo (2018): Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems Using Structural Equation Modelling.